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I have collected baseball cards and autographs over the years. I still have boxes full of cards (as well as newer cards) that are just sitting there. So, I have decided to see how many of them I can get autographed. I use through the mail as my preferred route for this adventure. I also have an account on Zistle for trading purposes (stevienicks77).

I am currently in graduate school, so it may take me until the weekend to respond to trade requests! I can't get done with school soon enough!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Josh Hamilton

I sent another request to Josh Hamilton last season.  I really wanted to get a Lineage card signed from him, and he helped me out.  Josh has signed a minor league contract with the Rangers going into Spring Training.  I wish him the best of luck!

Josh Hamilton
Signed 1/1
Sent c/o Texas Rangers
306 days

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trevor May

I was happy to get this back in the mail late last week.  As I was doing some research for my next batch of TTM's, I saw that he must be signing all of his mail before the start of Spring Training.  I have read that A.J. Achter signs well, so I will be sending this card to him at the start of the season to hopefully get a dual signature card!

Trevor May
Signed 2/2
Sent c/o Minnesota Twins
304 days

Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 Topps

Ok, ok...here's my 2017 Topps post.  I have told myself that I will not purchase much of the product this year.  I want to achieve some personal collecting goals, however, I will have some 2017 on hand for trade bait.  I bought a blaster pack, and here's my goodies:

First card of 2017

A lot of league leaders in Series 1

Cub that is now a Royal

Royal that is now a Cub

Catcher card

It's been nice that my teams have been on the World Series cards for the last couple of years!

Gold Card

Insert cards - I do like the insert cards this year, especially the recognition of Jackie Robinson Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Another Insert set - Award winners.  I, again, like this insert set, and I'm not sure why yet.

MLB Network - I heard these were hard to pull, but I got one, but it's now trade bait.

 5 Tool - I like this insert set, too, and not too bad of pulls on the first try!

Not really old cards, just fake insert cards.

 Blaster box "prize"

 Foil card

First Pitch - Lots of Cubs cards in Series One

 Bowman insert - Again, I like this; it reminds me of early 1990's Stadium Club.

Finally, the 1987 Topps 30th Anniversary Insert set - Yup, gonna have to try and get them all!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Zistle trade with sorphan10

Another Zistle trade with sorphan10.  I was able to complete the Sandberg rainbow!  I had received the red one from sorphan10 in a prior trade.

First non-Royals player collection autograph

Another 2012 All Star Game card

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Zistle trade with SWATty67

Another small trade with SWATty67.  I was able to hook him up with several Gypsy Queen cards.

I've been needing the 91 Topps McGwire for quite a while now.  I also needed Ian Kennedy in a Royals uniform for my Royals collection.

A couple of Schwarber cards for my PC.  Also, a card of newly retried J.P. Arencibia.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Zistle trade with sam383

Another small trade with sam383.  I love the Sandberg Fleer Ultra.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Zistle trade with mtavares

Another trade with mtavares.  I got several cards for my player collections!

David Wright

Cubbies.  The Kris Bryant is a Berger's Best card, not the real deal.


100 Years of Wrigley

2015 Topps Update set needs