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I have collected baseball cards and autographs over the years. I still have boxes full of cards (as well as newer cards) that are just sitting there. So, I have decided to see how many of them I can get autographed. I use through the mail as my preferred route for this adventure. I also have an account on Zistle and The Trading Card Database for trading purposes (stevienicks77).

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A short trip to the LCS

I needed some supplies, as I am ramping up my collection organization.  I have priced binders online, and it's $12.00 for a "baseball" card binder.  A plain black binder at Walmart is $10.00.  The LCS had 2 "baseball" card binders, at $6.00 each.  I nabbed them up.  I also grabbed a pack of pages; 100 for $16.00, which seems to be the going rate online.  I also wanted to scan the common boxes for catcher cards, as well as buy a pack of something.  The big box stores have been desolate of any significant product that I would be interested in or interested in buying.  Here's the goodies I bought...it's not quite as much as I would usually buy.


Player collections


Royals Prospects

 Cubs Prospects

Cheap Packs

Topps Tribute Pack

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