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I have collected baseball cards and autographs over the years. I still have boxes full of cards (as well as newer cards) that are just sitting there. So, I have decided to see how many of them I can get autographed. I use through the mail as my preferred route for this adventure. I also have an account on Zistle and The Trading Card Database for trading purposes (stevienicks77).

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Eric Hosmer

After my COMC purchase, I went out and got a few more Eric Hosmer cards for my player collection.  For a week there, it was nothing but Eric Hosmer in my eBay shopping cart!

 My first Hosmer relic!

I'm always a sucker for a green/emerald card...the bonus here is that the seller sent me two additional cards!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Zistle trade with gasypo

I was very nervous last week when my go to trade site, Zistle, went down.  Thank you to everyone who reached out and commented on my post regarding it.  I use Zistle so much, that the thought of it being gone, along with trade partners, was upsetting.  I'm glad the site came back up, because I had a trade in progress when it went down.

Again, I'm trying to complete some sets these days, and gaspyo had quite a few 2015 Topps cards I needed.  I had quite a few Royals on the need list because my local LCS is always out of Royals common cards, especially after the Royals World Series win last year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Topps Update

I purchased a blaster of 2016 Topps Update; I like to buy at least a pack of everything that is released that is reasonably priced.  My complaint with the Topps blasters over the years...PLEASE take out those medallion cards.  I have never been interested in them, but I guess that's me.

Base set


All Star Game/Home Run Derby Cards

Rookie Debut

Insert city

Target Retail Exclusives

Finally, those medallions I love so much...

Monday, October 24, 2016

COMC purchase

I have a lot of sets I'm trying to complete, so I have changed gears on my acute collecting goals and want to complete some of the outstanding sets I haven't gotten around to completing.  My first set to tackle was Bowman Platinum.  I have always loved the way the Bowman Platinum sets have looked, although I am only trying to complete the 2012 set.


Top prospects for my player collections

Prospect Refractors

Prospect X-fractors

Purple Prospect Refractors

National Convention Wrapper Redemption Prospects


While shopping for Bowman Platinum, I found a few 2015 Topps Pro Debut that were reasonably priced.

Here's a couple of 2015 alt. uni cards of my favorite teams.

Finally, I *might* have went a little nuts on the Eric Hosmer cards.  I couldn't help myself...he's one of my favorite players!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another repack and 2016 Donruss Optic

When I'm out and about running errands, I always take a look at the card isle at the store.  I was in Target, again, and the only thing that caught my eye was a repack box.  I don't know why I continue to buy them; I think it's for the thrill of the hunt, but then I totally regret it because I "overbought" and now I have a ton of cards I don't know what to do with, except make trade bait.  I also snagged a package of 2016 Donruss Optic.  Here's what I got:

 2015 Topps

2015 Heritage

Triple Play


Prizm Draft Picks

2016 Donruss Optic

Donruss Optic purple cards

Saturday, October 22, 2016


2016 Heritage High Number

New cards out a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting.  I bought a blaster of 2016 Heritage High Number.  I think the most important card I got I need for my Royals collection, which is a Whit Merrifield card.

Player collection cards...new teams for both of these guys

Insert cards

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Has anyone who uses Zistle had any issues with accessing the website the last couple of days?  It was still up on Monday, as I got a trade proposal that morning, however, I came home from work Monday night, and can't access the site to complete a trade.  It is now Thursday, and the site is still down for me.  Is this happening for other Zistle users???

Saturday, October 8, 2016

TTM Saturday

Finally, an exciting mail week.  I sent out a big chunk of TTM requests around the middle of September, so it's good to get some mail back.

First, we'll start with Royal Billy Burns.  He was acquired before the trade deadline by KC from Oakland.  I was sad to see Brett Eibner go, but happy that Billy is in KC.

Billy Burns
Signed 1/1
Sent c/o Kansas City Royals
14 days

Next, a return from former Cubbie Joe Borowski.  Unfortunately, I did not have any Cub cards to send, but still a great return.

Joe Borowski
Signed 2/2
Sent c/o Home address
17 days

Next, another football TTM.  This one is from Liam Nadler.  Liam was a four year starter at Gannon University.  He signed with the NY Jets as a UDFA and participated in their rookie camp.

Liam Nadler
Signed 1/1
Sent c/o Home address
17 days

Finally...I think this is my longest return ever!  I had obviously written this one off long ago.  I sent this off in 2011 when I started to collect cards again.  I loved the 2009 Topps set, and sent a Spring Training TTM to Omir Santos.  Omir and his wife own and operate Triple Crown Sport Academy.  Most recently, Omir is with the Indians minor league system.

Omir Santos
Signed 1/1
Sent c/o Detroit Tigers ST
2,053 days

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Forrest Wall

Forrest Wall is a former number one pick for the Colorado Rockies.  He spent the season at Modesto playing second base.

Forrest Wall
Signed 2/2
Sent c/o Modesto Nuts
52 days

Monday, October 3, 2016

Paul Hornung

Green Bay Packer legend Paul Hornung signed my card for me this week.  It's too bad there is a smudge on it.

Paul Hornunag
Signed 1/1
Sent c/o Home address
12 days

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sam LeCure

Sam LeCure signed my card while his team, the Oklahoma City Dodgers, were in the playoffs.  They lost to El Paso in the playoffs.  He pitched in 3 games in the playoffs.

Sam LeCure
Signed 1/1
Sent c/o Oklahoma City Dodgers
13 days