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I have collected baseball cards and autographs over the years. I still have boxes full of cards (as well as newer cards) that are just sitting there. So, I have decided to see how many of them I can get autographed. I use through the mail as my preferred route for this adventure. I also have an account on Zistle and The Trading Card Database for trading purposes (stevienicks77).

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

2023 Allen & Ginter

When I opened my first pack, this was the first card...

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good about my decision to buy a blaster box.  It ended up pretty good for me, but not much for my PCs.

First pack

Second pack

Third pack

Forth pack; you'd think he's have enough FB cards that he wouldn't need a card in a baseball set

Fifth pack

Sixth pack

Seventh pack

Eighth pack



This was a pleasant surprise!


PC cards - may start one of Ragans; he's pitching well for the Royals since being traded to KC

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  1. Sweet auto! Nice pull.

    As a Mets fan it's really weird to me to see a new card of Mo Vaughn as a Met. He was only a Met for 2 seasons, one of which he only played 27 games in, and his time as a Met was generally considered pretty disappointing.

    Those Spotless Spans inserts look kind of Christmas-y.