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I have collected baseball cards and autographs over the years. I still have boxes full of cards (as well as newer cards) that are just sitting there. So, I have decided to see how many of them I can get autographed. I use through the mail as my preferred route for this adventure. I also have an account on Zistle and The Trading Card Database for trading purposes (stevienicks77).

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


I was at Target picking up a few quick things, and I decided to look at the card section, even though regardless of where I go every week, it is bare bones...literally nothing.  Well, there were a few Allen & Ginter boxes sitting there, almost hidden, and I grabbed one.  Even though I wasn't really excited about A&G this year, opening that box made me change my mind.  I wish I would have grabbed two now.  

First Card

Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3

Pack 4

Pack 5

Pack 6

Pack 7

Pack 8

Inserts - There are some of these sets I really love; others...bleh

I love all of these!  Especially the Field Generals.  I want to collect that as an Insert set to put in my catcher binder...hope I can do it!

I think this set is cool, too.  I saw someone on the internet had the whole set and it glows in the dark!  Might try to collect this one, too.

Token Cubs card

Biggest hit of the box

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